Grey Shadow's International bodyguard Club

est. July 17th 2003 Moscow

Client's & Colleagues business guide

Dear visitor, our Thumb rule is :

The Club is NOT A COMPANY and does not function like companies you use to dealing with in your own country! It is a control room for any emergency situation in Moscow (15 mln. population, more than 3 mln. cars and vehicles ) and a fine instrument to operate in the other cities.

Please, understand us correctly-we have to know basic agenda of the client to avoid misunderstanding in the future.
When you ask for three armed CP agents and armored Limo to travel Moscow for couple of days and tell us, that Very Important Person coming to Moscow “just for some kind of interest” we are not idiots. Moscow is the city, where Russia money turnover is about 80%...

If you are serious, we are serious too. In this case we will help all of us avoid forthcoming problems, rather than “protect” your VIP. 

STANDARD information we need to calculate budget for the visit looks like following:

  • Arrival/departure dates ? (two weeks before it could be estimated, but three days before it must be certain)

  • Hotel/place of VIP accommodation?

  • Level of certain visit privacy?

  • CP Shift requirements (24 hours or day watch mode) and quantity of agents ?

  • Does the VIP plan to leave Moscow City area during his/her visit?

  • Car service ?

  • Existence of the local supporter/representative ?

For the other cities visits principles are the same. We can give you our local contacts to set all particulars directly.
To help you understand the business plan calculation note information for a year of 2011 : Car service (note CP agent CAN NOT drive your car. Here is the situation in Moscow, you have to pay guarantee rent before you get the car (about 10% of its cost) So, behind the wheel there will be not “ordinary” driver, but an advanced driver(hope so). That is why, even in an ordinary visit we recommend you take a CP agent. Our English speaking staff is always busy. If we can get one - all of us are happy. This is not because in Moscow people don’t speak English. This is because all of them are already employed.

Car sample prices (Moscow, winter 2011/2012):
  • Mercedes E class or similar - from Euro 55 per hour

  • BMW 7th series (long body) or similar - from Euro 65 per hour (minimum 6 hours a day)

  • Minivan WF or Mercedes VIANO (6 seats) or Mercedes Bus (17 seats) - from Euro 55 per hour

Armored Limo and Extra Luxury (MAYBACH, BENTLEY etc) vehicle hour rate is a subject to be discussed.

Agent sample budget :

  • CP agent (s) requirements (language, firearms, traumatic pistol, unarmed, etc).

  • English spoken unarmed CP agent - from Euro 45 per hour 

  • in case of 24 hours shift - (agent will live in the hotel) - Euro 30 

  • CP armed agent - from Euro 35 per hour 

  • Sentinel - Euro 15 per hour

No overtime, no night time, no additional payment i.e. in our case - “everything included”. NOTE - those digits are basic - just for the site visitors. Every trip/event/case is unique and has its own particulars ! 


Visit sample calculation:

Basic calculation for a future (up to month ahead) short visit situation which requires two limos including one English spoken armed CP agent (with no certain agenda, as usual). 
Standard working day time with an unknown agenda is 10 hours a day (from our long experience). 
For this team:
two limos with drivers Euro 65 X 2 = Euro 130 per hour.

one armed agent Euro 45 per hour

Thus, hour cost is Euro 175, and day budget is Euro 1750

Just multiply these digits for the days of a visit.

But in reality there are arrival/departure days (for Moscow and Saint-Petersburg) :

- Arrival day takes 5-6 hours (depends on airport location and traffic conditions).
- Departure day takes 4-5 hours.
For car service there are three important rules:
Delivery hour-every time we ask driver “to come” we have to pay for car delivery at any point in Moscow City
If we have ANY outside trip (outside Moscow orbital highway- “Moscow circle road” they add an extra hour to day calculation.
Fixed hour standard. Hour overtime is 15 minutes (it is important to verify it with driver, every time when job is finished)
Good news-parking, washing, and gasoline payment/expensive etc. included

Visit standards :

  • Short visit - 3-5 days

  • Long visit - up to two weeks

  • Residence - over two weeks.

No overtime. No additional payment.

On a longer visit, the price for CP team could be reduced. Car price can’t be changed.

N.B. There is no unsolved tasks. The Club has reliable back up companies, lawyers and expats to help you here. 

Payment routine:

  • Cash - nice and easy for us, but usually hard for you 

  • Western Union - usually suitable for both sides

  • Bank transfer - in that case better use Western Union wire. According to Russia current law any international transfer has to have so called "deal passport" - it is a very boring and long terms routine, moreover, since a year of 2011 taxes jump up, so it could enhance total price up to 47%.

Sometimes we ask for prepayment to order car or limo service, in case of visit cancelation we guarantee money back except car prepayment tariff (usually, Euro 100 per car)

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