Grey Shadow's International bodyguard Club

est. July 17th 2003 Moscow

"Two swords" European Bodyguard Club

September 18th Stockholm.

The President of The APM Lief E. Hermansson and The President of NAST Russia Dmitry N. Fonareff run two days

SpecTactic Masterclass.

SpecTactic is a brand new training approach, included intensive method of personal professional development. Target auditory - active bodyguards, ready to get proper vacancies in EU countries. First hand experience from Russian market.

SpecTactic Masterclass will be held September 19th - 20th 2011 in Helsinki Finland.

Thus, the idea of
The Two swords” European Bodyguard Club as mutual project was presented to pupils and guests.

The Club is a modern market instrument for those who cares about future. How to find proper job, reliable friends, way of self developing, business in certain area and country, friend around the world, get last news and many many more things that make world better.

What’s problem ?
Luck of energy. Do ideas exchange between colleagues.

Actual start up plan requires elaboration of :
Membership principles :
Who can be club member, how he/she can get membership, is membership fee require ?
Managing Board list :
Main Question - Who will be Chairman and what is his office contacts ?

Club liaison person - man-at-files (members, “non-grata” bodies and clients, potential clients, club news etc.)

Standard marketing procedures ( site, letters, colleagues draft plan)

Club site :
We can support start up project here in Moscow, but we don’t want our guys go abroad ! We have a lot of job here in Russia, and ready to cooperate with the Club on the same principles.
This cooperation will help us to avoid idiots and criminals, fraud and controversiality, get interesting information to be ahead of slow-thinking dudes, get new technologies and gadgets, and many more advantage even in training process.

All progress events of the The European Bodyguard Club will be published here and on the
APM official site.

Dear colleagues, the idea is not a property.
On the start up position we have to find proper ways of planning and preparation before do advertising. Everyone have to do something before count on proper vacancy.

As The Club supporting idea, please, note our partners information :

The Professional Bodyguard Association (The PBA) is now established in countries across Europe specialising in the provision of security to high net worth individuals and their families and businesses. It's executive offices and facilities are located in the United Kingdom.

The PBA consists of highly experienced bodyguards and security officers able to provide services across the globe, especially in Europe, Africa, Asia and the USA.

We provide a specialised service in counter-surveillance and de-bugging of premises and vehicles for our clients as required.

We provide private investigators across various disciplines both for private issues, due diligence investigations and for corporate vetting of staff if necessary.

World-wide Security Service for corporate and private clients:
Physical Protection;
Personal Protection (Bodyguards);
Collection and Transportation of Valuables;
Business Risk Management;
Covert Surveillance (Intelligence Management Office and Home “bug Sweeps” );
Covert Protection & Investigation;
The PBA provides service and consults to various multinational law firms and corporations.
We would be willing to assist you and your companies no matter what the assignment... from a few hours of service a day or two while visiting the UK or for many months or years at a time.

The PBA is here for you… anywhere and anytime!

For more information please feel free to contact:

[T] +44.7402.016.732

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