Grey Shadow's International bodyguard Club

est. July 17th 2003 Moscow

KGB Close Protection GS Club Course in Greece


Sharing legendary experience...

Course key points are based on practical experience of the legendary KGB 9th Department (state protection division) reformed in 1991. Thus, for more than 20 years this unique approach works on free security market in Russia despite proper legislation absence.


NAST Russia Academy Instructors (ret.KGB senior officers)

Dmitry N. Fonareff - KGB 9 Dept. (1981-1989) HQ senior officer

Eugene G. Grigorjev - KGB 9 Dept. (1980 - 1993) official Honorary KGB officer (1988), Mikhail Gorbachev Personal Protection Detail, operational karate senior instructor

Shadow CP Training Branch Instructors  

Dimitris. P. Siokis  - Personal Protection Detail leader ( 1989 -2011) , president of Hellenic Bodyguard Academy, Security consultant , High - risk missions  operator.
John  Dagklis -  Special Operations expert  (1999 -2011)  , Shadow Team senior operator    ,  Hellenic Bodyguard Academy instructor (certified by National Accreditation Center )
Andreas Nikoloulis -  Army  Medical Corps officer ( 2004 -2011)  , SF combat medic , Hellenic Bodyguard Academy instructor ( First Aid & Basic Life Support)

Women special course (WSC) instructor

Vicktoria “Vicky” Korchagina - NAST “Norht West” ( Saint-Petersburg) Comandor, lead russian female-operative close protection expert

Course translation in Greek/English/Russian  


KGB Course - 7 full working days ( 42 hours)

WSC - 3 working days ( 20 hours)

FACILITIES: The course will be held in our training facilities 
"The Ranch" in Sofiko area (1 hour drive from Athens) .

Capabilities :

a. Accommodation/ lodgings : Able to support more than 100 students

b. Classroom  with multimedia devices 

c. Conference room with multimedia devices

d. Tactics area & vehicles for embus / debus procedures

e. Sport facilities (swimming pool, tennis, basketball football,) and
Grass open area instead of dodjo ( usually we don't mix sport style  with CP training , so we prefer the natural environment that a bodyguard will fight).

Parking area, Restaurant/Cafe, Supporting personnel (cooking, house cleaning etc). Natural tracks in the woods for physical training , jogging etc.


Due to Greek legislation, only law enforcement agencies and military units are  allowed to operate shooting ranges and firearms during training. For that reason we will not use live fire during our courses , but we simulate weapon drills using Airsoft & paintball guns. (it is possible to cover the absence of live fire, using shooting ranges abroad after the course)

Day 1
Course Introduction, KGB CP doctrine overview :
Course topic in brief :
Strategy,Logistic,Technology,SpecTactic®(post conception),Technique,Marketing
15 basic skills/requirements, Docs and planning and more...

Day 2 CQB - VIP defense combinations - outdoor
Threat analyses, pedestrian and car escort basic principles&tactic, observation/counter observation/communication

Day 3 CQB - VIP counterattack actions - outdoor
IED/ESD sweep/search (car/room/area) - outdoor & classroom

Day 4 CQB - violence defeat technique - outdoor

Day 5 CQB - self-defense in tight situations - outdoor
Embus/debus / escort tactic / action in ambush armed attack/
advance routine/visits/mass events/ -

Day 6 CQB - test event outdoor
notorious deadly attack analysis

Day 7 Course тesт event including coutersniper STS equipment - outdoor
final Q&A, diploma ceremony

daily course time 6 hours

CQB technic based on KGB “Operational karate system” and includes 2 hour daily training

NAST video materials 4 hours

complete syllabus will be set to July 2011

STUDENTS: We highly suggest that all students have a relevant CP experience , prior to the course either by attending a domestic course or having working experience in the industry. International students will attend of course with no restriction about country of origin.

Everything for Course will be arranged by Shadow Close Protection. To be more specific we will be responsible for providing :
- Transportation to and from Athens International Airport
- Training equipment & facilities
- Accommodation & 3 meals a day - breakfast/chow/dinner)
- Cars & drivers
- Air tickets & visas & single-person rooms for NAST instructors
- Multimedia devices and supporting software
- Recording devices ( digital cameras )
- Stationery  etc
- Award ceremony support
a. Standard course expences:

Accommodation / meals  (for 7 days)  =
Euro 1500 per student
(V.A.T included)
Price is a subject to be variable depending on Course program, terms and schedule.
- All fees must be paid no later than 1 week prior to beginning of the course.   
- Sightseeing & tour in Athens : It is an option, let us know if desired. 
- Consider if there is a need to provide t-shirts , lapel badges , watchcaps etc to the students.      

We provide diplomas in English language for all students signed by senior Russian Instructor (
Dmitry.N.Fonareff - President  of The NAST RUSSIA) and also signed by actual Course Chief Instructor Shadow Bodyguard Academy as a local vendor.
Personal KGB CP GC (three digit number) badge will be awarded to those, who pass final test successfully and take place in The Shadow Academy International Register, run on the official website to provide shortest professional market access.

NAST Russia Academy official seal _____________________________


_________________________________________________________Shadow Academy badge

_________________________COURSE INTL. SUPPORTERS :

International coordunator

Frank Whip

_____________________________COURSE CONTACTS:

Shadow Close Protection

Dimitrios Siokis

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