Grey Shadow's International bodyguard Club

est. July 17th 2003 Moscow

The Club 10th Anniversary year

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KGB CP courses in Russia

Dear colleagues, we have a lot of requests to be trained in Russia by KGB/NAST method. On this page we would like to show how it could be done.Enhance the idea ...

Press cut

Saturday, 8 October 2011 The Independent by Rob Hastings

STEPHEN HALL memorail page

MS6_3 Dear Colleagues, we just wanted to share some sad news with you.  

Our dear friend from Seattle, Steve Hall from Gates Foundation, died two weeks ago after a 5 month battle with Melanoma cancer. If you know anyone who was also friends with Steve, please pass along this message.
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Client's & Colleagues business guide

How can you get close protection in Russia (welcome gates are Moscow and Saint Petersburg) without headaches through “Grey Shadow’s” connections and features. Business plan and important particulars.
Before making urgent calls and/or write scary letters to us, read this article carefully. If you have strong cooperation proposals read through this page attentively than ever.
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KGB Close Protection GS Club Course in Greece

SHADOW CLOSE PROTECTION, is  a  leading company in Greece specialized  in Executive and VIP Protection as a professional sector , with participation in high and low risk missions , providing security and consultancy to  those  individuals facing a serious threat , or had an attack incident in the past  , offering high quality security services in Greece , Cyprus and Europe . 24/7 Tel : + 30 6948539664

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"Two swords" European Bodyguard Club

“Two swords” bodyguard Club - brilliant idea from Skandinavia. “Grey Shadow’s” Club is open for negotiations and multisided relationship. Enhance the idea ...

Welcome Russia

What is the country you are making business in. How to find proper persons for mutual business and reliable solution for current questions.Enhance the idea ...
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